Two Month Update

Well … it looks like “Monday” turned into two months; time does indeed fly by, and I apologize to all of you for not updating this blog sooner. Life, however, hasn’t given me much of a breather since mid-October.

I’m happy to say that my son was born on Oct. 12 at 1:13 p.m. His stats were perfect, and the delivery was routine. His adjustment to life outside the womb has been mostly peaceful, though we’re still struggling to get him to fall asleep somewhere other than on Mommy.

My daughter’s homeschooling adventure is well under way, and though we still have some behavioral and motivational bumps to iron out, it is going pretty well. She’s learned how to type and her math skills have drastically improved in just nine weeks. She’s also learning how to do the dishes. 🙂

As for how my new life is affecting my migraines … the jury’s still out.

I’ve had a low-grade migraine most days for about the past two weeks, but the pain is easily bearable and my other migraine symptoms (blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea) have been incredibly light. We’ll have to see how things progress now that breastfeeding is well established, pregnancy hormones are gone, and I’m back on birth control. As I am now heading out of the most sleep-deprived stage of new parenthood, I hope the migraines will ebb.

All in all, I’d say the first two months postpartum have gone well. Now, if only I could get some sleep …


Times They Are A Changing

This week, my life changes. Forever.

Seems dramatic, I know, but the truth remains: This week marks the arrival of two major changes that will drastically affect my life every day for the next 10 to 20 years. The first is that my husband and I – for a variety of very good reasons – have decided to homeschool our almost 10-year-old daughter. I’m withdrawing her from public school today, and she will begin homeschooling tomorrow. The second is the arrival of our son.

If anyone had told me two or three years ago that I would be a homeschooling mother of two at 29, I would have told them they were crazy. If they had insisted that, further, I would be making two such drastic changes – birthing a new baby and beginning to homeschool –  in the same week, I’m fairly certain I would have written them off as certifiable.

It’s funny what a year can do.

As a wife and mother, I am excited about these changes, and yet, as a woman who values her time alone, a full-time professional writer, and a migraineur, I’m concerned. I’m worried I won’t have enough time to sit, think, and read. I’m worried I won’t be able to begin (never mind, complete) my 2013 writing goals. And, I’m especially concerned that the added responsibilities, stresses, and disruptions inherent in having two children at home 24-hours per day, every day will wreak havoc on the careful truce I have managed to negotiate with my migraines.

For the past month of my pregnancy, my migraines have laid relatively dormant. I have a mild attack about once per week, but it’s always tolerable and it rarely lasts longer than 12 hours. For me, this is a dramatic reprieve – one I am hoping might continue past my delivery date on Friday. Knowing my triggers (namely: sleep changes, eating changes, lack of sleep, loud noises, and stress), though, it seems unlikely. And, so, the question remains: Am I completely nuts for attempting any of this, let alone all of this, right now?

I guess I’ll just have to tell you Monday.

Soon-to-be Nursing Mama’s Migraine Toolkit Wish List

As I lay on my bed last night, suffering with a level eight migraine and wanting to throw my head against a wall, I realized something important: my migraine toolkit is going to need a serious upgrade to go with the new baby.

I plan to nurse, which means almost all of the medications that are off limits now will continue to be off limits for the near future. Additionally, however, my essential migraine prevention plan (which includes getting up and going to bed near the same time every day, eating on a regular schedule, and exercising daily) will be largely irrelevant. I will not be able to tell a new baby that he or she needs to stay in bed a little longer or learn to sleep through the night because otherwise Mama gets a migraine. Nor will I be able to curl up in a dark room when he or she needs to nurse or be changed, or even just wants to play. In short, the life I’ve set up to deal with my chronic migraines is going to be sacrificed for the sake of life with a new baby, which means I’m going to need a new set of tools to deal with the many, many migraines that I’m sure to experience over that first year.

While it may not be common (or accepted) to add a plethora of migraine-relief tools to a baby registry, I’ve decided I should go ahead and make up my “nursing mama’s migraine toolkit wish list.” So, here it is:

1) SootheAway Device, with Front & Side Head Pad, Occipital Relief Pad, and Eye Relief Pad;

2) A freezer full of nutritious frozen meals (for the days I just can’t get up to cook);

3) Bimonthly cleaning help;

4) Comfortable noise-reduction earphones.

That’s all I can think of for now. Does anyone else have any non-drug treatment ideas to share? I keep imagining trying to hold and soothe a crying baby while experiencing the kind of migraine pain I had last night, and I have to say it scares me. Any help would be appreciated.