Migraine Presents Differently For Us All

The online world is full of articles, infographics, and stories from those of us with migraine about things we wish those without migraine knew and understood about the disease. There is much less such information written to others with migraine, but I think there should be.

The disease presents so differently for each of us, and we’re all at such different stages of living life with migraine. That’s why I recently wrote a piece for Migraine.com about what I wish others with migraine knew about my disease. Read more here: https://migraine.com/living-migraine/the-differences-among-us-what-i-wish-others-with-migraine-knew/.

What about you? What do you wish others with migraine knew about how the disease presents for you? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

3 thoughts on “Migraine Presents Differently For Us All

  1. “Distraction is key to my quality of life” – so much yes! When you are on your second+ day of the same migraine you get to the point where it’s like “Just give me anything to make me not sit here obsessing about how many more days I will have to deal with this.” I’ve deliberately tried to induce ice cream brain freeze just to try to see if one pain could temporarily distract me from another.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I’ve definitely done some strange things in the name of distraction. Did the brain freeze work (at least temporarily)? It’s always interesting to hear other’s stories.

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