Returning Fertility, Returning #Migraines

My son is almost 10 months old, and though I am still nursing him about every two hours, my monthly cycles have finally returned. For many women, this would simply mean returning fertility. For me, it means both this and the return of a particular kind of migraine: menstrual migraine.

The vast majority of my migraine attacks are not triggered by my menstrual cycle nor are they affected by hormones (other than cortisol). Some of my attacks are, however, and this was especially true this past week. For almost six straight days, a low-grade migraine kept me and my cramps company from the time I woke up until the time I finally nodded off to sleep.

Thankfully, my menstrual migraines are never as intense as my regular migraines, but their long stay can make them difficult to take. And, because I am still nursing, my methods for dealing with such a long migraine attack are limited. This time, I settled in with a heating pad on my abdomen, an ice pack on my head, and a bottle of ibuprofen to my left. It wasn’t the best treatment I could have tried, but it was the only one I had at my disposal.

I’m hoping my body and brain were simply unfamiliar with the flood of hormones associated with my cycle, and that they forgot how to handle them. I’m hoping that next month will be a little easier to take, with less cramping and fewer days of migraine pain. I’m hoping that eventually my brain will remember how to handle the ebb and flow of my feminine hormones and let me off the hook entirely. We’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Returning Fertility, Returning #Migraines

  1. I was hoping they would go away with menopause, but my sister says hers never did. I did just buy an ear cuff for accupressure for weight loss and realized that it works for my migraines too, at least I think it does. I put it on where I squeeze my ear when I need relief, but normally I can’t leave use my fingers there for too long because it’s a pain to keep my fingers on my ear. I felt the migraine starting yesterday morning and I put it on and without medication the migraine never happened. I feel one coming on today and I just put it on. I’ll let you know.

  2. I am returning to your blog, because you reminded me to visit again with your comment on mine. It has been so long since I have visited, that I didn’t know you had a baby, let alone that our kids are exactly the same age. I am terrified of my cycle returning, and I have somehow made it past his first birthday without this happening. We need to email with each other! I’m about to experiment with essential oils to balance hormones and to help with symptoms… There’s too much to say in one comment. I’m downloading your book right now. ❤

      • Emailing about all the Life Things, but I found out about essential oils at the MommyCon conference (they’re all over, but I went to one in Philly) from the doTerra booth. I bought this “Family Physician” kit that is *amazing* because my mom used essential oils for me when I was a kid. I got it for immunity, bug bites, non-toxic cleaning, natural help for the cloth diaper “funk,” but it says right on the kit: the combo of frankincense, lavender and peppermint helps with headaches. And it does! Not for a super long time, but any relief is relief, right? They have an oil blend called Deep Blue that helps with muscle tension, and even my mother-in-law with fused discs in her spine loves it (that is some serious pain). I haven’t figured out what to use for the hormonal stuff, but they have a blend called “Clary Calm” to help with women’s cycles. This link is for my store; I haven’t actually sold anything to anyone, but got set up to do so in case it came up.

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