Emerging from New Motherhood

As a reader kindly pointed out to me yesterday, my writing has fallen to the wayside in recent months. Between the multiple middle-of-the-night and early-morning feedings and the long hours of existing as a nap-time pillow, I simply haven’t had the time or the energy to focus on my personal projects (including this blog). Thankfully, I can feel myself emerging from the state of new motherhood and sliding gratefully into something much more sustainable.

Yes, I’m still exhausted. Yes, I’m still waking up at least one or two times a night to nurse. Yes, I’m still aching for time to myself, and a few hours to focus on the various projects swirling about in my head. BUT, I’m starting to feel a little freer, a little more at ease, with each passing day.

My son turned five months old yesterday. He also took two naps – one of which was 1.5 hours long – in his swing, instead of on me. This was a first (and a much needed one at that). I was able to get lunch, a shower, and even a little work done. (Life’s little luxuries …) Today, he’s been asleep for a little over an hour, and I’ve had enough time to write two client articles and this blog. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the same, because I have so, so many migraine-related things to say.

I hope you all are doing as well as possible, and I look forward to reconnecting with you in the coming weeks and months.


4 thoughts on “Emerging from New Motherhood

  1. Hi Sarah!
    Great to read an update from you!
    I’m very curious to hear about your migraines these days? How are they after your son was born??

    My twins are now 5 weeks. The last 8 weeks of pregnancy were awesome migraine-wise! No migraines at all! First time in many many years!
    I was actually able to live a “normal” life, except from being pregnant with twins, and quite large… So nice to be able to plan things, without being afraid to have to cancel. I really felt vitalized and mentally strong.
    After my twins were born, my migraines returned after 24 hours. So unfair!
    They aura-migraines are frequent and bad, and the ones without migraines are fortunately not as frequent as “before”( before pregnancy that is).
    Looking forward to new updates, and hope you are well!!!

    • Congrats on your twins, Vibi! I hope your migraines have calmed down enough for you to enjoy your precious time with your babies. Mine were pretty bad during the season change, but are starting to come back to “normal.” Here’s to a pain-free and joyful Spring!

  2. I haven’t seen your blog before, and I will be changing the name of my blog soon, but will let you know so we migraineurs on WordPress can find each other. So nice to hear how well you are coping with motherhood and migraines.

    Looking forward to more updates.

  3. I too am a new mother. I found your blog while researching for mine. My mission has become spreading the word about magnesium and it’s benefits. Just wanted to drop you a quick message and congratulate you on the birth of your twins.

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