With the Dawn of the Third Trimester, Migraines Return

I entered my third trimester of pregnancy last Friday, and within days my migraines returned. Those of you who have been following this blog may remember that I spent my first trimester primarily in bed, watching TV shows on Netflix and trying to distract myself from the relentless pain. Then, about mid-way into my second trimester, the migraines eased up and my energy returned. Now, it seems my reprieve has come to an end.

Once again, I find myself suffering with a migraine almost every day. Thankfully, though, they’re not as painful or as symptomatic as my first trimester migraines. Unfortunately, with the lack of sleep, the extra weight, and the dehydration that so characterizes the third trimester, it’s unlikely that I can do much to reduce their frequency. So, with only 11 weeks left to go, I’m crossing my fingers that my relative good fortune continues.

How about the rest of you pregnant ladies? Where are you in your journey, and how are you feeling?


4 thoughts on “With the Dawn of the Third Trimester, Migraines Return

  1. Hi Sarah!
    When you read this, I hope you’ve had some pain free days!
    I have a daughter who is three, and is now 15 weeks pregnant with twins(!!). I suffered a lot from migraines in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, but I got some relief from my migraine medication. After 4 months the migraines and nausea was gone! I did suffer from some migraineattacks with aura right before I delivered. The first months after birth was absolute terrible, and I had several migraine attacks a week, and was dependent on lots of help.
    Gradually my migraines got fewer and I returned to work. The last year I’ve been trying to conceive again, and after stopping with some of the preventative medications, my migraines got a lot worse, to the point daily. I had two months that were much better after starting with gabapentin(anti-epileptic medication), but had to stop when I got pregnant. My first trimester looks a lot like yours: more or less bed, with daily migraines and morning sickness 24/7. Terrible! The fact that I’m expecting twins could probably explain the extreme nausea…
    I must say that the news of twins didn’t make me happy, because I’m terrified it will be too much work, and that my migraines will be bad.
    Anyway, over to some positive: I’m a little better now I 2 trimester, and can only hope for some good months migraine-wise!
    I really really sympathize with you and your situation, and know how you feel! Make sure you get a lot of help when the baby comes!! There is light in the tunnel, and having a new baby is overwhelming, but everything gets easier! Who knows? Maybe your migraines will get better when the baby comes? Mine got better when I stopped breast feeding, but for some, breast feeding makes them better.

    I’m planning to get an au-pair this time, and as soon as possible after the babies are born, I will get a surgery for an occipital nerve stimulator. I’m excited!
    This was a long post, sorry!
    Hang in there, Sarah! All though having a baby with migraines are very very hard, it is actually worth it! Just get help! You are in my thoughts! Please write updates!!

    • Congrats on the twins, Vibi! I’m sure they’ll be a welcome and joyful addition to your household. Thank you also for the kind words of support. I’m feeling better now – though my migraines are still coming about once or twice a week – and preparing for the baby’s birth. I wish I could afford an au-pair, but I’m just thankful that I work from home this time around. (With my first, I had to rush off to work at 6 weeks.) Hopefully, that’ll mean an easier recovery and a chance to rest when the baby naps.

      Here’s wishing you an easy pregnancy with many, many pain-free days.

      – Sarah

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