Why I Write About Migraines

Migraine disease is largely invisible. Yes, my husband can (usually) tell if I’m getting one by the pained expression on my face and the irritable tone in my voice, but by and large it is an invisible illness. This means that most of the time I suffer from it – and through it – alone. Writing this blog helps.

Before getting involved with the online chronic illness, invisible illness, and migraine communities, I often felt desperately and terrifyingly alone. No one I knew understood the intense and long-lasting agony I was experiencing every day, all day. Sure, I had a few friends who experienced occasional migraines, but even they were unsure how to relate to what was happening to me. By writing about my migraines, I gained access to the people who could (and did) understand.

I get a lot out of writing this blog. I get to vent, and I get to be heard. But, most importantly I get to share with people who “get” me and what I’m going through. I gain comfort from my readers. And, I think (I hope) I offer comfort in return.

It isn’t easy to handle being chronically ill. (In fact, I still find it difficult to even consider myself as a chronically ill person.) You all help me with that. Knowing we are not alone is perhaps the biggest gift we can give each other, and I thank you for giving that gift to me.

Those of you out there who also are suffering with health issues, do you write about them? If so, why?

8 thoughts on “Why I Write About Migraines

  1. I am glad you write about your migraines i look forward to reading your posts, it makes feel not so alone in the fight against migraines.

    Keep up the good work, i suffer from at least two visual auras a week and it is good to hear from someone who knows what you are going through.

  2. I don’t write, either, but am eternally grateful for those of you who do. Otherwise I would feel completely alone in this painful head of mine. Thank you for doing what you do!

    • Marie, I plan to learn to read French one of these days. Unfortunately, it isn’t today. But, thank you for sharing your blog link. I know migraine suffers exist in every country, so I hope your blog provides comfort to those who need it. Good luck with your writing and your migraines. – Sarah

  3. I have a blog about migraine it’s for canadian and french people. Anyway, I once had a very bad migraine and was craving for icecream. And the surprising thing was: the migraine went away right after the brain freeze. Can blood vessels expand and contract that quickly from external stimuli? Do you have any further information?

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