2011 – In One Word


When I think back on 2011, that one word says it all. In addition to life’s little, daily stresses, there was a marriage (mine), three deaths (my mother’s and two cousins’), and a (probable) miscarriage. Deadlines were (mostly) met, yet rarely achieved early, and of course there were the migraines. All in all, it was a hell of a year.

There were, of course, several great accomplishments as well. My daughter finally found her “fit” in school, and my husband settled into his groove at work. I ghostwrote my first full-length book, edited another one, and published two new poems. I also made my way into several new publications, and doubled last year’s income. Both my client base and my writers’ network are growing steadily, and I even hired an assistant to help me manage my workload.

Still, I’ll be happy to see 2011 turn into 2012. It isn’t often that I feel such relief at a year’s end, but this year has – in all honesty – outstayed its welcome. I’m ready for new challenges, new obstacles, new joys, and a new year. How about you? Will you miss 2011? Or are you, like me, eagerly awaiting 2012?

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