Welcome to the World of Dr. House

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the strength to write here. While I’m striving to stay away from self-pity, I can’t shake my profound feelings of grief and frustration. 

Since my last post, I have seen an ENT (as the migraine specialist recommended) to arrange an ENG and hearing screening to rule out possible causes, other than migraine, for my dizziness, near-syncope, vertigo, and tinnitus. Everything came back normal, however, the ENT now has me on a mix of drugs to rule out Meniere’s disease: apparently the only way to diagnose is to treat and see if it works. Welcome to the world of Dr. House.     

I really can’t tell if the medicine is working or not. I’m still dizzy, still feel like passing out, and my ears still ring – though perhaps less than before. The most common side effect it seems, other than more weight loss from losing water, is that my ear now hurts. 

The most painful thing for me to accept though, is that the hospital visit I’ve been debating upon since the migraine specialist recommended it is now no longer an option. I called him yesterday to ask some questions regarding the length of the stay and his expectations on the probability of the procedure breaking my cycle. However, once I told him the severe reactions I had to the DHE in the Migranal he gave me, he said he could no longer recommend the stay as the IV would likely produce the same (if not worse) results. 

I hung up the phone feeling there must be some other type of IV that could work. The ones I’ve tried haven’t and, this other, well, I’m not allowed to try. Am I destined to an ever-changing but continually ineffective regimen of prescription preventatives and abortives?

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Dr. House

  1. I just stumbled across your blog after doing a google search looking for information about headaches. I too suffer from daily headaches, they’ve been diagnosed as migraines although they don’t always have the characteristics of migraines. I’ve had migraines since I was about 10 or 12, but back then they were only every couple months or so. I’m now 28 and for the past few years they’ve gotten more and more frequent….. for about the last year they’ve been coming every day. I’ve had all the scans and of course they all show up normal…. I’m currently working with doctors at Hershey Medical Center in PA and trying out some new things, although nothing seems to be helping. I think their next option is to have me stay in the hospital for 48 hours and get an IV infusion of DHE. I’ve also had to quit working for the time being, because I was missing so much work that being on sick benefits from the railroad(where I’m employed) actually helps out more than what I was making only working a couple days a week.

    I know how it feels to be on an ever changing regimen of prescription drugs… it seems like I’ve tried all of the migraine pills and anything else that could be related… I just finished a 5 day regimen of Toradol and Reglan, with no help….

    I will definitely put you in my prayers, and pray that we’re both able to find relief soon!

  2. Thank you, distinque, I’m trying. 🙂

    As for you, Chris, I am truly sorry for all you’re going through. I understand the frustration, the pain, and the ever-present but slightly shaky hope that things will get better. I hope the IV of DHE works for you. It seems to work for a lot of people in our situation. Unfortunately, I’ve had a horrible reaction to DHE and my doctor advises against the IV treatment. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you find a treatment that works soon.

  3. Hey there , I just fell on your blog, and I’m sorry you are in the same crap as the rest of us. I, too have been in the “migraine phenomenon” as my doctor calls it, with the ringing and screaming in the ears, pain, dizziness, aura,, and migraine. It’s pretty much part of the never-ending saga of migraine disease for me. It sort of comes and goes in stages in my life. I cannot take DHE either. I’m actually rather limited to what I can take. I do hope you are well soon, or at least better.

  4. Thank you, MJ. I’ve tried a few of those. I’m finally waiting to get in to see Dr. K. We’ll see if he can break this!

    I hope your new treatments are beginning to work.


  5. Have you ever heard of the NTI? For some, clenching and grinding of the jaw serves as a catalyst for migraine inducing strain on the muscles in the head and face. One way for patients to treat their TMJ pain is a small thermoplastic device that prevents the the posterior teeth from touching. The device is called the NTI-tss Plus. In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine sufferers using the NTI-tss had a 77% average reduction of migraine pain attacks within the first eight weeks of use.

    With everything you’ve tried, this is worth a shot!

    Visit http://www.theheadacheremedy.com for more information.

  6. I have been struggling with migraines for years and I recently went to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. They hospitalized me for a week and while I was fortunate that the DHE helped me, they seemed to act as though there were additional medications they could try in the hospital if the DHE did not work. I am still getting 2-4 migraines a week but they are slowly getting better and the medications they have me on make the migraines manageable so I can go to work and function (effexor, verapamil, muscle relaxor, migranol, isometh, and something for anti-nausea). I am seeing Dr. Pepper and I like her. Good luck, migraines are such a nightmare and I hope you can find relief soon.

  7. have you heard of persistent aura’s? I get persistent auras along with migraine associated vertigo. Unfortunately though, my docs will not take me seriously. Had an MRI of my brain which came back normal (thank god). Hang in there..its horrible, but im sure you will manage to see it through.

    Avoid Migraines

    • Tommy,

      I get pretty frequent visual auras, but they usually don’t last long. I also get migraine associated vertigo. So, you’re not along. I’m sorry your doctors aren’t taking you seriously. You should try to find a new one who will. Are you seeing a neurologist or headache specialist? Too many times we get dismissed by doctors who don’t know enough about migraines to understand they are the result of a true neurological disease that we were born with and cannot change. Finding the right doctor can take a lot of time but it is a worthwhile investment. You deserve to be cared for by someone who respects you and believes in you.

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