An Acid Trip without the LSD

At 6:15 p.m. this evening I had my first classic aura “experience.” 

No real warning, unless you count the relentless ringing in my right ear or the disconcerting feeling of driving through an ever-narrowing tunnel on my way home. 

Shortly after arriving home I situated myself on the bed, hoping a little rest would ease my pain and allow the rest of the evening to flow smoothly. It is, after all, Friday night, and I owe it to my S.O. to be full of cheer – to be “on,” as they say – to show him a little fun. 

Within just a few moments, I noticed two slightly off center, not quite circular pink dots following my trail of vision. The ringing in my ears grew louder as the dots grew larger, then smaller – brighter, and then less intense in color. Then, in one shot they scattered across the ceiling in a burst of tiny, little dots and disappeared from view. 

Immediately following the pink dots was a phenomenon I’ve only seen in Disney movies. My eyes started pulsating in time with my headache and the ceiling and walls (along with the pictures, fan, and everything else in sight) began to move along with the beat. Bump . . . BUmp . . . .BUMp . . . .BUMP. . . . Not content to move strictly up and down – the ceiling began spinning, slowly, in time with the beating. 

Just as quickly as it began – it stopped. Only to be replaced with a spiraling black and white snake in the corner of my right eye. Just as it reached the center of my field of vision – it vanished. 

All of this took no more than five to ten minutes at most. Another ten minutes and the pain became more severe. 

Ah, it’s a good thing I read! This time, I really would have thought I’d lost my mind.

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