The Cheshire Cat

Living with a persistent throb becomes easier with time. It hurts more some days – less others – but it becomes easier to ignore as the days go by. The persistent, yet rather dull (2.5 on a good day, 3.5 on a not-so-good) throb is easy. The sound of pulsating blood even begins to feel a little comforting after a while. Though annoying, the persistency I can handle – it’s the spikes that get me.

When they’re short, steady, or slow; I can manage. Armed with my mixture of peppermint and lavender oil and some deep, yoga inhale/exhale style breathing, the peak of migraine fury will only throw me off a few mere moments.

But, when they show up like a cheshire cat carrying a bag of tricks containing dizzy spells, sliding ceilings, hot flashes, ice pick stabs of severe pain, odd smells, baskets that grow disproportional sides, and strange sensations of being larger than the houses one is driving past – I must admit my small arsenal is no match.

Luckily, this not only severe but also makes-you-wonder-if-you’re-nuts type of pain has lessened due to my medication. Rather than three or four times a day, I only see the Cheshire Cat about 5 or 6 times a week. That’s progress.

I did, however, find myself standing over the bathroom sink this morning asking myself if I had already brushed my teeth. Now, that, my friends, is Topamax. 🙂




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