Yesterday, after a month of back-and-forth with my PCP, I finally got in to see a neurologist. No surprises. Diagnosis? Migraines.

After an hour-long examination/discussion I left with prescriptions for Frova, Topamax, Axert, and Phenergan.

The first, a triptan migraine pain reliever to be taken two times a day for five days in an attempt to “break the migraine cycle.”

The second, a preventive medication originally used as an anti-epilepsy drug. 25 mg nightly for one week, then one pill twice a day, then one in the morning and two a night, working my way up to two pills twice a day. If well tolerated, the idea is to go to one 50mg pill twice daily.

Axert is another triptan migraine pain reliever. Like the Frova, it is meant to “abort” the migraine if taken within the first hour of an attack. This is to be used after the five days of Frova, if the migraines continue.

The final medicine, Phenergan, is an anti-nausea medicine. According to Dr. Howard, it is to be used “in the case of severe, incapacitating migraine.” I can only think this is due to it’s use as a sedative. Can’t beat the pain? Knock yourself out.

Armed with instructions, samples, and my prescriptions – I exit.

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